Here is a chronological list of visitors to the topology group and affiliates.

  • Alessandro Giacchetto, visited Paul Norbury from MPIM, Bonn, February and March 2020.
  • Prof. Martin Markl, visited Marcy Robertson from the Czech Academy of Sciences, December 2019.
  • Prof. Charles Wiebel, visited Christian Haesemeyer, August 2019.
  • Prof Søren Galatius, visited Diarmuid Crowley from the University of Copenhagen, School Visiting Scholar, Feburary and March 2019.
  • Prof Jim Davis, visited Diarmuid Crowley from Indiana University, February 2019.
  • Dr Huijun Yang, visited Diarmuid Crowley from Haifeng University for a one year post-doc supported by the China Scholarship Council 2018.