A/Prof Diarmuid Crowley works in algebraic topology and surgery theory. He works on surgery.

A/Prof Craig Hodgson works in hyperbolic geometry, low dimensional topology and differential geometry. He is particularly interested in the geometry of three-dimensional manifolds.

Prof Paul Norbury works in topological recursion, gauge theory and has a particular interest in geometric problems that arise in mathematical physics.

Dr Marcy Robertson works in algebraic topology and is particularly interested in using higher categories and the theory of operads to recast classical topological objects in a homotopical setting. Her recent work has focused on using higher operads to model the moduli space of genus g curves and Teichm├╝ller space. She is also interested in using props and properads to study cohomology operations and deformation theory.

Emeritus Prof J. Hyam Rubinstein works in low dimensional topology and is especially interested in three and four-dimensional manifolds. He is also interested in studying shortest networks with applications to mining, machine learning and financial mathematics.